Why A Luxury Zimbabwe Safari Must Be Your First Priority In 2019

It is a land of contrasts and extraordinary beauty. It has everything any international traveller would like to encounter in one safari.

Despite its previous reputation as a country beset with political turmoil and economic woes, Zimbabwe today has put all that in the past and offers you one of the finest safari destination packages on the planet.

So confident are we at Jewel of Africa Safaris that this is already one of the best places in Africa to visit, we have compiled a top 10 shortlist of the many great reasons to do so.

It’s a Highly Rated Safari Destination

Zimbabwe is an excellent emerging safari destination. Our enthusiasm about the extraordinary place we believe it to be was recently echoed by Lonely Planet, one of the world’s most popular travel guides, when they rated Zimbabwe in third place on their ‘Top 10 Countries primed to capture travellers’ imaginations in 2019!’

Superb Year-Round Weather

It has one of the most temperate climates in the World. Certainly, there are areas that can get warm and in the Eastern highlands one can cool down, but the average temperatures almost year-round hover between the 20 – 30 degrees centigrade mark. The beginning of 2019 is in fact glorious summer – so what are you waiting for?

The People Are Welcoming

Welcoming is even an understatement. By nature, hospital people, Zimbabweans as a nation, in the interests of rekindling their once booming tourism industry, are united in being warm, welcoming and as helpful as possible to any international or local traveller.

A Central Safari Destination

With easy access to the surrounding similarly great safari destinations of, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia, Zimbabwe is a very central base from which one can easily execute great multiple stop packages.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Offering is One of The Best in Africa  

World renowned safari destinations like the largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls, the largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Kariba and the wildlife reserve with the largest elephant population in the world, Hwange National Park, make Zimbabwe a place of literally unbeatable safari attractions! 

High Levels Of Service And Hospitality At Excellent Lodges

With a high level of service, hospitality and superb accommodation offerings, Zimbabwe is now highly rated amongst preferred tour operators as one of the most hospitable places to visit. With new luxury safari lodges constantly being built and old ones being upgraded, Zimbabwe, and its lodges, managed by some of the best safari companies in the world, is a place that people often return to.

Zimbabwe Boasts With 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

This is something of a major achievement for such a small country. Two of these include the aforementioned Victoria Falls and Mana Pools National Park, situated on the banks of the famed Zambezi River.

A Well-Developed Transport Network

Access to and in Zimbabwe during your safari is excellent with international flights to the main cities and a well maintained network of road, rail and charter flight transportation from destination to destination within the country.

Great ‘Off The Beaten Track’ Extras

With easy access to incredible rivers, the finest waterfalls, a great diversity of wildlife and bird life and many beautiful scenic landscapes, Zimbabwe has so much more to offer than just the renowned favourite spots. Let Jewel of Africa take you there.

Excellent Tailor-Made Safari Packages

That is exactly the beauty of dealing with a flexible, personalised guided tour and Safari company like Jewel of Africa. We are preferred operators in Zimbabwe and will take you off the beaten track, or to any favoured destination, combining the destinations you personally choose within the scope of your preferred travel times and availability.

If these 10 reasons Zimbabwe should be your first 2019 vacation have whet your appetite to join us in the coming year, then contact us to learn more and let us start to create the vacation that will capture your imagination and your heart for many years to come.


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