Best African Beach & Safari Destination Of 2019

Mozambique, to many, is just a little-known place somewhere in Africa, but it used to be a haven of beach activity, a vacation resort of note for the surrounding territories of Zimbabwe and South Africa, the place to go for exquisite prawns and other Portuguese fare.

Sadly, this was prior to the turn of the century and to it becoming a war torn political tug of war that saw the tourist industry petty much die for a period of time. But Mozambique is back!

So much so in fact, that preferred African safari and guided tour operators are now including it amongst their favoured destinations and another great offering for their international tourists. Now many believe that Mozambique is your best luxury beach destination of 2019.

Why Mozambique?

It is really different to its neighbours, in that it has this cultural Portuguese heritage which gives it an ambience that is different and very European in a charming way. It is more of a sea, sand and sun experience than the safari experiences of its neighbours, so the combination of a South African safari and a beach extravaganza to Mozambique is popular.

It boasts some of the finest beaches, hotels and cuisine and is one of the richest melting pots of cultures to be found anywhere on this vast colourful continent. There are also beautiful islands, some very unspoiled – and the place is famous for off the beaten track idyllic beaches and adventure spots, apart from the excellent standard tourist offerings of palm-fringed sands, National Parks and historic places of interest.

The Best Time To Go

Although Mozambique is very much a year-round destination with warm coastal tropical climate areas (maximum temperatures are only between 25 – 30°C), peak season would have to be July to October (essentially the winter months) thanks to the more pleasant temperatures than those experienced in May (which is very hot) and the rainy period of Dec to March.

Easily Accessible

As aforementioned, it is easily accessible from its internationally famous neighbour South Africa and a visit to the Kruger Park in South Africa is just a stone’s throw from Mozambique. A short flight from Johannesburg or Kruger National Park will transport you to Vilanculos, a much-fancied small beach town with coastal charm, beautiful beaches and great water sports!

This is also the gateway to one of Mozambique’s highlights – the Bazaruto Archipelago, an amazing cluster of tropical islands and sandbar swirls, preferred by some to the mainland.

What To See And Do

The coastal resorts and hotels have everything that can be offered in line with a lazy, luxurious beach vacation and adventurous water sports of every kind. Apart from enjoying the beaches though, there is a wealth of ancient and recent history that many find fascinating here.

The Capital city Maputo is well worth a visit and is a vibrant centre of cultural and business activity – a sort of gateway to the leisure resorts. Wonderful aromas waft across from spice markets and sidewalk cafés and its classic Mediterranean-style buildings on wide, palm-lined streets that adorn its very colonial hotels, are in contrast to its modern concrete apartment blocks.

The Maputo Central Train Station is just one of the many colonial style buildings that one should see – and also explore the Fortress of Maputo and head towards Independence Square to see the neo-classical City Hall, The Iron House and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

It is the beauty and splendour of the aforementioned topical islands though and the dazzling white sands and crystal-clear waters where one can see and become one with abundant marine life that really brings the tourists to this place.

Snorkelling and diving, between languishing on pristine beaches eating, sleeping and sipping on a tropical cocktail, is the Mozambican way, on the mainland or on the islands.

The Machangulo Peninsula is a favoured secluded area of sand dune forests and unspoilt almost deserted golden beaches. This is just an hour’s boat ride from Maputo.

So, mainland or islands – Which is better? Well it simply depends on the level of seclusion you desire. Are you on a real romantic getaway from it all or a ‘stay with the action’ and hope for a romantic connection vacation? In this, the month of romance, we’ll let you make that choice.

What we at Jewel of Africa can help with though is to create a great package designed for your pocket and availability, your desires and preferences. For a honeymoon, fun family holiday, adventurer, explorer or history buff vacation, contact us and we’ll cater specifically for you and go out of our way to really make sure that Mozambique is your best luxury beach destination of 2019.


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