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The 3 Pillars Of A Great African Safari And Guided Tours Operators

When travelling to one of South Africa and its surrounding territories preferred destinations, there are many choices regarding the tour operators you may partner with. Your vacation, after all, especially as an international traveller, may be a first time experience and you may not be familiar with the preferred tour operators in the region.

This article looks at a few things that we believe any great tour operator specialising in African safari and guided tours needs to embrace to ensure that every vacation is a unique and special experience. We call them ‘pillars of excellence’, the essential qualities that ensure a great vacation experience every time. So what are the 3 pillars of a great African safari and guided tours operator? …

One – Personal Attention & Flexibility

From the very first step, the booking of your tour, to the final farewells filled with fond memories of a once in a lifetime experience, we believe that a great tour operator needs to offer personalised attention and flexibility. Jewel of Africa safaris have In-house travel agents who can quote you on international return flights to South Africa and if desired take care of international and domestic flights while you’re on tour with us. Every journey can be tailor made for your convenience. The personalised nature of our itineraries ensures 7-star service and flexibility.

Two – Safety & Peace of mind  

Any safari or guided tour operator worth their salt is aware that international travellers in particular may have many misconceptions about the safety of travel in Africa. We can assure you that at Jewel of Africa one of our pillars of focus is every customer’s safety and peace of mind. All vehicles are fully authorised & insured to carry international tourists and we use only experienced, registered and medically cleared tourist- and nature guides. All guides and drivers have professional driver’s permits and are trained first aid practitioners.

Three – Luxury & First Class Travel  

There are African safaris …and then there are luxury African safaris. Jewel of Africa are expert exponents of luxury safari experiences in every respect. All excursions are conducted using luxury sedans, microbuses and 4-seater luxury busses, ‘Rovos Rail’ luxury trains, Lear jets, twin-engine executive aircraft and helicopters. All accommodation is first class …from private lodges to luxurious tented camps … its air-conditioning, sublime comfort and sumptuous cuisine at every stop.

We at Jewel of Africa, combine all these qualities into what we call our ‘3 pillars of a great African safari and guided tours operator’ and in doing so are always able to offer every customer a unique and special African vacation experience. Contact us to learn more and immediately begin to experience our personalised service and flexibility!

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