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My African Dream – Why my Luxury Namibia Safari was the Experience of a Lifetime

Written by Connie Kakalia, Jewel of Africa Client.

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.’ Unknown


After Covid put her travel plans on hold, Connie Kakalia finally took her dream vacation in Southern Africa in June with her husband, Dave Gregson. Connie’s home is in Kauai, Hawaii, and she is known for her adventurous spirit.

As a seasoned globetrotter, Connie tasted Africa when she experienced the Serengetti a few years ago. Naturally, she expected a similar experience this time around. After all, Africa is Africa, right? Well, she couldn’t have been more wrong. She shares her thoughts on her life-changing 21-day luxury Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe safari that was prepared for her by Neil at Jewel of Africa.

Which Africa countries did you visit?

We spent 12 days in Namibia before popping to Cape Town in South Africa for 2 nights. We then jetted off to Botswana for a couple of nights and ended our trip at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

How did your friends and family react to the prospect of you visiting Africa on safari?

Many people that live in Kauai aren’t native to Hawaii. They were born in the continental USA and came here on vacation.

Once here, they fell in love with the tropical paradise and chose to make the bold move. So, for the most part, many of my friends who live close by have an adventurous spirit. As a result, they were envious and excited about my trip. Three of them have already planned to go after seeing my photos.

However, my more conservative friends and family were nervous about my trip. They said they would never want to go to Africa. Most have never heard of Namibia, and some have never heard of Botswana or Zimbabwe.

They were particularly concerned about the animals and the danger one would be in. But I reiterated that I felt completely safe at all times. We had seasoned guides armed with rifles to scare off any animals that came too close, and we were escorted to and from our tents. Of course, the resorts were ultra-luxurious and extremely secure. Anyone who avoids experiencing a safari trip like this is robbing themselves of a life-changing adventure.

Which African country stood out to you most while on safari?

Namibia, without question. It was not just a destination but a mystical experience. We somehow managed to see some of the most remote locations on earth and felt like we were the only people around for miles. You have never truly heard silence or seen stars until you have visited Namibia. It is a collection of awe-inspiring landscapes, desert wildlife, ancient artifacts, and beautiful, hospitable people that come together to create the ultimate experience.                                                                                                    

So, your luxury Namibia safari was your ultimate destination. Tell us more about what made it unforgettable.

Oh my goodness, where do I start? The best way I can describe it is to say that Namibia is not just a place you visit – it is a profoundly spiritual experience. Namibia offers pure peace and solace if you want to escape the world’s craziness. You step out of your luxury Namibia safari lodge, and after an hour or so in a Jeep, you feel like you are in an uninhabited land. The vastness is indescribable. The golden sand dunes roll on for miles, and nothing separates them from the clear blue sky. And the stars! At night, it’s like your own personal universe has been set up just for you.

We visited the Skeleton coast – miles and miles of ocean lining the desert. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Then there are the shipwrecks, all whispering the stories of sailors who set out centuries before to discover new trade routes. It’s fascinating.

As I mentioned, I had been to the Serengeti, so I thought I knew what to expect. I was so wrong. The wildlife is perfectly adapted to the desert, and you see desert giraffes, zebra, and antelope throughout. Some lucky visitors to the Skeleton coast have witnessed the rare desert lions exclusive to Namibia. They roam the beaches and hunt seals and water birds. Seeing Namibia’s desert elephants is a breathtaking experience. These majestic creatures have adapted to the toughest conditions, making them so special. Seeing any elephants in the wild is awe-inspiring and humbling, but a sighting of the desert elephants of Namibia is beyond the extraordinary.

There are vast distances that separate one Namibia safari lodge from the next. One of the best parts of having a Namibia Private Tour was that we had a pilot take us from one safari lodge to the next. This would sometimes be a two-hour flight, but do you know what an inconceivably incredible experience it is to witness the desert from the sky? You see parts that are entirely untouched or unexplored by humans. It’s indescribable.

I have never been so moved or so overwhelmed by such beauty. It is life-changing.

What would you say to a fellow traveler contemplating a Namibia private tour?

Just do it! You will never regret it. There is nothing like it in the world.


Stop imagining that desert sky. See it for yourself. Choosing a specialized tour operator to plan your luxury Namibia safari is the best decision you can make, guaranteeing an authentic and immersive encounter. If you’re ready for your own custom-made, luxury experience in magnificent Namibia, contact Jewel of Africa Safaris to start designing your dream adventure today.

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