Luxury African Safari Tour Packages

Tailored Tour Packages

Your travel ‘bucket list’ is simply not complete until you have embarked on an unforgettable African safari. The continent has a safari for every kind of traveller and a package for every budget - from African family Safaris to guided tours and more.

Every tour is tailor made by seasoned travel experts. With top English-speaking guides at your side every step of the way, experiencing one of our best African safaris is truly unforgettable. Embrace wildlife sightings, incredible cultural encounters, jaw-dropping scenery and much more. All you need to select the best African Safari Holiday Packages to enjoy your vacations.

With a bit more money to spare, one of our luxury tour packages or luxury African safaris is a perfect alternate option, providing flawless accommodation and the chance to take in some of the world’s most hauntingly beautiful scenery.

Just tied to knot? Thousands of couples globally agree that there’s no better place to celebrate your honeymoon than in romantic Africa. Exciting safaris, pristine beaches, the globe’s most spectacular wine, mountains, beautiful rural roads, picturesque landscapes and more… there’s just no better way to begin a lifetime of romance than with a luxury African safari or guided tour.

If you’re seeking a low budget, high value option, our group African Safari Travel Packages will help you to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime at prime destinations. Accompanied by a top tour guide, you can witness sand dunes, wine lands, wildflowers, wildlife and penguins …The possibilities are truly limitless once you set foot in ‘the Motherland’ with our safari tour packages.

We also specialise in scheduled private photographic safaris to all our hand-picked destinations. Enjoy the guidance of professional photographic guides who are always ready to help you to maximise every breathtaking opportunity that these bespoke safari tour packages have to offer.

Maybe you’re a hardcore adrenalin-junkie? Choose an Adventure package to satisfy your craving for a little danger. Africa is full of exciting opportunities for adventure lovers; from 4x4 safari tours, to experiencing the thrill of swimming with great white sharks, to getting ‘up close and personal’ with the wild creatures of the bush…and so much more. Why wait? Book one of our safari tour packages or luxury African safari tours today. Africa is waiting to proudly show you the best it has to offer.

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