How To Fully Explore The ‘World Wonder’ Victoria Falls

It is not surprising that it has always been one of the official ‘Wonders of the World.’ So magnificent is it to see, that one just has to be there to experience the thrill of this amazing sight known as The Victoria Falls. The Victoria falls is 1 708 meters wide, making it the largest curtain of water in the world. 

The locals call it “Mosi-oa-Tunya” – The ‘Smoke That Thunders’ and the spray when the falls is in full flood does indeed resemble a thick cloud of smoke – and the thunder? – You can hear the falls literally from miles away!

A journey to the Victoria Falls isn’t just about the Falls, and this place offers tourists much more in terms of experiences, dining, culture and adrenaline activities. One of the preferred tour operators in South Africa with a vast knowledge of the place and it’s best features, has compiled this review of how to fully explore the ‘world wonder’

Victoria Falls:

Take A Guided Tour

Start out by viewing the falls up close. Feel the spray on your face and take in the sheer might of one of the great natural wonders of the world! Guests will be accompanied through the rainforest and your guide will give you a brief history of the Falls as well as detailing the flora, fauna, bird & wildlife and other points of interest. Raincoats are provided when needed. You will make your way along the designated path which takes you to the various 16 view points along the edge. The heart-pounding sensation of actually standing on the edge of the precipice above the raging Zambezi waters is something quite unforgettable. 

Take A Zambezi Sunset Cruise

A complimentary sunset boat cruise on the Zambezi River is the perfect way to end the day. Sublimely relaxing, you sip cocktails as you slide over the calm waters of the river whilst viewing hippo, crocodile and elephant too!

Visit The Lookout Café And The Boma Restaurant 

Both lunch at the Lookout café, and dinner at ‘The Boma’ restaurant, are favourite culinary experiences. The Lookout Café, offering the best view in Victoria Falls, is perched 120m above the turbulent rapids of the Zambezi River, overhanging a giant chasm of the Batoka Gorge, just down from the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge which forms part of its spectacular backdrop. At ‘The Boma’ restaurant you will be treated to a delicious dinner followed by an interactive drum show in a traditional robe presented to you on arrival. Great food, fun and interaction with the locals! 

Experience Helicopter Flights

The helicopter flip over the falls is known as the ‘flight of the Angels,’ probably because you feel that you are experiencing a little piece of heaven! Breath-taking and exhilarating, it is one of the absolute must do’s when visiting Victoria Falls. 

Thrill Of A Microlight Flight 

For the more adventurous, if you want to feel the spray as you glide up close and personal to the falls, you can take a safe but spine-chilling microlight flight, which leads us to –

Exciting White-Water Rafting

 The world’s wildest white-water-rafting trip is just one of a myriad of extreme adventure activities that can be experienced at the Victoria Falls! Your white-water rafting experience will include moving through a set piece of rapids in the Zambezi River, depending on the water levels at that time. You can also bungee jump off the 111-meter high bridge, zip-line the ‘flying fox’ across the river, do kayaking, a heart stopping gorge swing and many more. 

Tailor Make Your Experience

You can experience all of this by booking one of the great tours offered by local tour experts Jewel of Africa – or why not take advantage of one of their main features, which is to tailor make your Victoria Falls experience according to your own specific vacation needs. You can travel just to the falls, combine it with a great luxury safari, or move on to one of the many exciting destinations in one of four countries all within a short flight from each other. Contact us today to begin your holiday of a lifetime in Africa and leave it to us to show you how to fully explore ‘world wonder’ Victoria Falls!


Lastly…The Best Time To Visit The Victoria Falls?

For some the best time to visit the spectacular Victoria Falls is when the Zambezi River is at its highest – from February to May, directly after the region’s summer rains, when you’ll see the world’s largest sheet of falling water flowing at its greatest volume. However, during this time of the year you will definitely get wet during your guided tour, and good quality photographs will be difficult to come by, so it’s probably best to schedule your safari for after May when the water levels start to drop and the Falls are more visible. 

We don’t recommend visiting the Falls at the end of the dry winter period – October through November – when the water level is at its lowest and the weather is very hot and humid. 


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