What Makes An African Safari A Luxury African Safari?

As a prospective traveller to Africa embarking on one of the most thrilling international vacation experiences, an African safari, you have a couple of choices, a standard African safari, or a luxury African safari. So what is the difference?

In this article we look at what makes an African safari a luxury African safari? After all (and make no mistake about this) if you use a preferred tour operator in the Southern African region, whichever you choose will be a good experience, but if you prefer to go first class all the way, you can chooses a luxury safari experience …and there are a few differences….


A luxury African safari will have you travelling in luxurious vehicles, trains and planes – its first class travel all the way. No uncomfortable, hot overcrowded and unreliable travel mediums for the luxury safari traveller. Even on the game drive itself, the best vehicles are chosen with experienced rangers. Creature comforts like blankets and shade cloths, as well as refreshments along the way, make even the thrill of the bush experience a luxurious one.


Once again no uncomfortable, hot or very cold accommodations are chosen. Luxurious accommodation, from the finest lodges to luxurious tented camps, is chosen for the luxury safari traveller, whatever package you choose. Fine wines and delicious food, are available and lovingly prepared by some of Africa’s finest chefs at five star lodges. Air-conditioning and mosquito netting, where appropriate, are all part of the package in first class accommodation venues.

Personal attention

On a Jewel of Africa luxury safari, all travellers are assigned personal guides and your comfort and enjoyment of the experience is their mandate and desire. From the booking of your tailor made tour, to our attention to every detail along the way, we makes your safari a personalised and special experience. We hope this has given you some insight as to what makes an African safari a luxury African safari.  In essence, it is about choosing tour operators who are experts in field of offering luxury safari experiences. We at Jewel of Africa pride ourselves on our three pillars of operator excellence (see our related article on this), which in essence comprise: Personal attention and flexibility; Safety and your peace of mind …and exactly what makes your African safari a luxurious one …our expertise in luxury and first class travel. Contact us to learn more and make sure your African safari sees you going first class all the way!


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