Travel In South Africa – Busting A Few Myths

Although this article is written, in part at least, with tongue firmly in cheek, there are actually some real fears that international travellers have about travel in South Africa and these have for the most part been born of urban legends or ‘Myths’ as we like to call them …and in some case just misinformation. In the interests of putting all our potential luxury safari tour travellers at ease, even before they are on our shores, we give you this hopefully useful look at travel in South Africa – and busting a few ‘nightmare’ myths

Myth One – ‘There Are Wild Animals Roaming The Streets!’ 

Well, you might have caught us on this one, as there has been one case of a couple of Lions that escaped from the Johannesburg zoo, but believe us, this is nothing more than what has happened in any major city and the animals were quickly re-captured long before any harm could be done! The beautiful wildlife of this country are all securely, for their own safety, restricted to well kept national and private parks like Kruger park, where they can be viewed at Leisure by our luxury safari guests.

Myth Two – ‘It’s Difficult To Exchange Money Or Use Credit Cards.’

Nothing could be further from the truth. South Africa has one of the most sophisticated banking systems in the World in fact. ATMs are on every street corner in the cities and money is transferrable at banks and hospitality areas in general. Your expert private travel guides can point you to all the available money exchange centres.

Myth Three – ‘It’s Full Of Disease And Life Threatening Viruses’

South Africa is no more disease ridden than any other first world country. Home to the world’s first heart transplant, our medical facilities are excellent. You will not get Ebola in South Africa and even malaria only still occurs in very few areas. If you travel to an infected area you will be advised by your travel agent or luxury safari Tour Company to take the correct precautionary preventative medication.

Myth Four – ‘You can’t Use Your Cell Phone Or Phone Home.’

South Africa, particularly in the cities has an intricate and sophisticated telecommunications system. Wi-Fi is freely available in most hotels and restaurants and even when on your private personalised safari, in a remote area, at least in the hospitality centres. Cell phone coverage is excellent and you can buy a sim-card at the airport and preload data and talk-time. This myth is usually of particular concern to teenage members of the family, but fear not, What’s app and all social media platforms are as prevalent in South Africa as anywhere else! 

Myth Five – ‘It’s Not Safe There – Crime Is So High!’

Sadly this is a concern in many cities and South Africa is no exception, but if you take reasonable precautions (as you need to do in any city in the world), you are as safe as anywhere else. In fact, out of the cities in the mainstream tourist destinations, particularly in the bushveld where you will be enjoying your luxury safari experience, your only fear will be your safety from the wildlife, which is unfounded as it is expertly handled by our private guides.

We sincerely hope this has helped you to learn a little more about travel in South Africa – and has dispelled a few ‘nightmare’ myths so that you, like so many of our other superbly satisfied customers, will not hesitate to travel to South Africa to enjoy a life changing, fun filled, unforgettable luxury African safari vacation or guided tour. Get in touch with us to learn more about our extensive range of packages to suit every pocket and taste …oh and remember, if anything you have heard about travel to this beautiful rainbow nation is scary …it’s a myth!


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