Romantic Safari Choices For An Idyllic Southern African Honeymoon

It has to be the most romantic place in the world. A bush boma at sunset, a winelands tour in the fairest Cape, five-star accommodation in plush surroundings and the magnificence of a desert sunrise, are just a few of the myriad of choices available to you when planning a honeymoon in Southern Africa.

The difficult part is simply deciding which of the perfect honeymoon destinations to include in your itinery and what’s even better is knowing that certain preferred tour operators not only insure that your honeymoon is incredible, but will organise tailor made packages suited to your specific dream honeymoon vacation!

These are our suggestion of just four destinations that we believe should be a part of your romantic choices for an idyllic Southern African honeymoon!

The Kruger Park And Surrounding Areas

One of the must-visit destinations in South Africa, the Kruger Park offers magical unpredictability as you experience more species of mammals and birds than in any other African game reserve! Seek the ‘Big 5,’ on your daytime bush safari, culminating in sublime sunsets and romantic evenings, enjoying the finest African cuisine by firelight, before retiring to plush 4 and 5-star lodges with great service & hospitality.

The roar of the Lion as you drift off to sleep soundly in plush surroundings, is as romantic as any honeymoon can be!

Some of our preferred luxury lodges also offer romantic and private sleep-out decks or treehouses offering you the chance to sleep in the arms of your loved one under the stars.

Cape Town & The Cape Winelands

It is known as ‘The fairest Cape’ and not without reason, its beauty is breath-taking and simply lends itself to love and romance. Two oceans meet at Cape Point & magnificent mountains, including the iconic ‘world wonder’ Table Mountain, are part of the incredible scenery that surrounds you whether in the City or anywhere you go.

Outstanding cuisine and accommodation is offered by world renowned establishments and the Cape Winelands offer delicious tastings of the finest Cape wines at winery after winery, all with their own unique product and atmosphere.

Tours are on offer to places with intriguing wildlife and birdlife, including Whales, Penguins, Seals and why not swim together with Dolphins? Experience the magnificence of these beautiful creatures ‘up close and personal.’ What can be more romantic than that?

Chobe & Okavango Delta

Spectacular wildlife and scenery abound in the Chobe National Park, famed for its large Elephant population. Take a silent mokoro trip in the Okavango delta gliding through still waters as you view many species of African wildlife and birdlife.

Beautiful, romantic lodges rest right in the midst of all the beauty surrounding them, on the Chobe River or in the middle of the Delta, where high levels of service & hospitality welcome you and make you feel utterly spoiled from the minute you arrive. Sublimely romantic settings and a range of activities offer travellers access to the true heart of Africa!


If it’s good enough for Harry & Meghan’s honeymoon, why not make this your choice?

Endless dune and desert vistas, the Sossusvlei and Etosha National Park are all destinations that dreams are made of. Amazing desert-adapted wildlife are unique and offer a different kind of luxury safari experience, especially the favourites, like Black Rhino, Lions and Elephants.

4 and 5-star luxury accommodation, amazing sunrises and sunsets and a range of activities to suit everybody, including culturally unique encounters, all add to the romantic ambience of this unique country. Take to the roads – a good quality and safe road network is available for self-drive honeymooners or take to the skies reaching your destinations quickly via a charter flight.  Why not try a very romantic hot air balloon safari?  Up, up and away! The sky is literally the limit with the vast array of choices and activities this ‘must see’ area offers!

We hope that these romantic choices for an idyllic Southern African honeymoon have been of some help to you to arrange your perfect honeymoon package in this wonderful part of the world. There are many packages on the Jewel of Africa website that include these destinations, or why not contact us for more ideas and advice and to discuss your tailor made honeymoon package, which will ensure you include all your dream destinations and make this once in a lifetime vacation absolutely unforgettable!


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