A Night Drive In Kruger – Your Gateway To A Unique Wildlife World!

Imagine, it is pitch dark. The stars above are brilliant and the milky way seems to go on forever, but around you can see nothing but the huge shadows that surround your game drive vehicle. So close you can smell them, you can scarcely breathe. Finally, you hear the foliage snapping under their feet as the elephant herd moves away and you breathe a sigh of relief. It is a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

You have experienced something similar by day, but a night drive brings a whole new dimension to wildlife encounters. Now you know why a night drive in the in the Kruger park offers you access to a new wildlife world.

What Is A Night Drive?

Many international tourists may not even be aware that night drives are available to them and what they are.

There are different ways that wild animals can be viewed in the Greater Kruger National Park – either in your own vehicle by day and the best time to go is at sunrise or sunset, but you are restricted to when you need to be in your camp areas and there are many side roads that only professional game rangers are permitted to take in 4 x 4 vehicles. You can also take walks with professional game rangers.

Professional safari companies like Jewel of Africa Safaris also offer a night drive experience. Usually this will depart in the late afternoon and you will only arrive back at camp after dark and therefore part of the drive is a ‘night drive.’

Why Take A Night Drive?

A night drive is an enthralling and entirely different experience. Because wildlife is accustomed to the headlights of vehicles – you go out using powerful hand held spotlights and look for many creatures that are usually only seen by night. The stars are also spectacularly beautiful in the veld by night and there is an atmosphere that is electric as you often don’t know what you will encounter.

What Do You Need?

Even when it is very warm by day, an open sided vehicle by night in the veld can get very cold. Dress warmly and the Game rangers will usually pack blankets for extra warmth and of course plenty hot drinks! Obviously the spotlight is a must and have cameras that can take good pictures in the light of the spotlight. Don’t use flashes particularly in a close encounter as this can ‘spook’ the game!

What Will You See?

Prepare to see a myriad of ‘nightlife’ (Wildlife only usually seen by night) as you drive slowly through the bush. Eyes glow out from the dark as the spotlight picks up night creatures. Some are transfixed, but many instantly move away.

These include some of the predators like the Leopard, much more of a nocturnal creature and very elusive by day – and some of the other smaller cats. Hyaena, Wild dogs and a number of other scavengers are opportunistic and prefer to operate under the cover of darkness and are therefore much more commonly seen at night.

Beautiful, mysterious Owl’s eyes stare back as you encounter them in the branches of the trees. The spotted Eagle owl is one of the most common and other nocturnal birdlife, like Nightjars can also be seen.

The African ‘bush baby’ or Galagos – is a type of monkey also with huge eyes and another of the creatures seen only by night, so a night drive in the Kruger Park certainly is a whole new world!

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