What Is So Special About A Tailor-Made African Safari?

For the most part, tourists to Africa seeking an African safari experience, or possibly just a guided tour, are offered various packages and the vacation experience is fairly confined to the regulated itinerary. This doesn’t always suit many travellers though, who for various reasons, need something a bit more ‘tailor-made’ to match their own requirements, availability …and of course affordability.

Fortunately, there are some tour operators who are flexible and go out of their way to try to create packages that suit individuals and Jewel of Africa, one of South Africa’s preferred operators, is a great example. But do these operators really create something unique and specific to your personal needs? Well, JOA believe they do and just to prove the point this check list shows what is so special about a tailor-made African safari…

Focus on the client’s needs – Establishing what our clients want is not just a consideration, but a focus. Our job is not just to organise, but to ensure your safari experience is what you had always hoped it would be. From a standard, to a ‘luxury’ African safari or guided tour, we keep all your options open

  • The client’s input in the planning process is important – To do this we are aware that we need your input …and so we ask to know your special needs.
  • We listen and offer our best advice – Having established this, through really hearing you, we now advise you and begin to design your ‘tailor-made’ package
  • Nothing is impossible (almost!) – We don’t believe in what can’t be done, but in what is possible. ‘Ask and ye shall receive!’ …. within limits!
  • We know where to go – This is critical – we’ll take you off the beaten track so that you see and experience what you’ve asked for! Jewel of Africa has even recently had a 5 start review in TripAdvisor, posted by a client that testifies to this!
  • Tailor-made prices – We really can be flexible with pricing and advise what your best possible options are in accordance with your budget.
  • Tailor-made accommodation – From 5-star lodges, to comfortable bush camps and quaint African rondavels, our accommodation options are endless and vary in quality and price. We help you to choose your best options.
  • Tailor-made destinations – Our destinations are also not fixed, and your preferences can be expertly planned to create you own tour and itinerary.
  • Fully guided/semi-guided/unguided safaris – Your tailor-made package can also give you the option of having a guide with you all the time, part of the time, or leave you to your own devices should you choose a ‘self explorer’ package.
  • Private or group tours – You may love the vibe of being part of the crowd and getting to know fellow travellers, or like most of our honeymooners, prefer something very intimate. The choice is yours.
  • Tailor-made activities – It’s not only about where you go, but how you prefer to spend your day. This too is flexible and can be arranged for you …or we leave you to just ‘do your own thing!’
  • Transport and transfers – Your travel choices are also flexible and luxury travel in private vehicles and transfers can be arranged, or you may prefer a ‘self-drive’ option?
  • We plan around your arrival and departure flights and times – You are not necessarily obliged to go with any fixed times or dates – your availability and your travel arrangements are all taken into consideration…and once again flexibility reigns.
  • Personal service and attention at all times – Last, but very much not least, is our absolute commitment to personal attention and to serve every customer to the very best of our considerable ability and expertise in the African safari and guided tour industry.

The 3 ‘pillars of excellence’ under which Jewel of Africa operate are ‘Personal attention,’ ‘safety’ and ‘flexibility’ – put these all together and you have the best recipe for a company that can always make a truly ‘tailor-made’ African safari! If you are now convinced, please contact us for more information and we can assist with planning your truly unique, unforgettable African safari or guided tour experience. 


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