Eight Packing Essentials For A African Safaris

What should I pack for a luxury African safari? Note the emphasis in this frequently asked question is on the word luxury. This article is not designed as a survival guide for those wishing to really rough it in the African veld. No ‘billy cans’ or lightweight food packs will be on this list. As we’re in the luxury African safari business we thought it would be more helpful to our customers to know what to pack for this type of experience, so here are eight packing essentials for a luxury African safari….

Your packing items may be a bit easier to remember if you think of three main things to consider – the Sun, the Drive and the Camp.

The Sun

The Sun, when on an African safari is your friend and sometimes your greatest enemy. Warm sunny days are great for swimming and having fun between drives and most welcome to warm you up after a cold morning drive, but the African sun can be very hot and there are 3 essentials you will need to counter this:

  •  Sunscreen – and don’t mess about – a high factor block applied several times a day especially for fair skinned individuals is essential.
  •  Summer clothes – The warm days will require you to be clad in comfortable shorts, short sleeved open necked shirts and very importantly a full brimmed hat. Make it a comfortable one too. You’ll need it whenever you step outside.
  •  Swimming gear – Most of the luxurious lodges that we partner with have swimming pools and this is a welcome day time activity between game drives, so bring you favourite swimwear.

The Drive

Game drives are the highlight of the day and usually take place in early morning (and we mean early, usually around 5am) and evening. This is the time for climbing into the open 4×4 game drive vehicle and with the wind in your hair and your private guide recalling enthralling incidents and educating you on the local flora and fauna, your eyes are peeled for a first sighting of one of Africa’s magnificent specimen of wildlife. These will be your essential items on the drive:

  • Warm clothing – contrary to the warm sunny days between the drives, the drives themselves in the open jeep can get very cold and call for warm clothing. Long pants and full sleeved shirts and pull-overs or preferably warm jackets. Maybe even a beanie for some
  • Binoculars – Not all sightings are ‘up close and personal’ although you can get so close sometimes your hair will stand on end. Have a good pair of binoculars for rare long distance sightings.
  • A camera with a zoom lens – If you want to go home with documented proof of your amazing sightings and great memories then take the right photographic equipment.

The Camp

It may be a tented camp or a 5 star lodge, but either way it’s that wonderful base where you spend lazy, hazy summer days between drives and eat delicious gourmet cuisine. It’s a slice of heaven and fitting for your luxury African safari experience. There are just 2 things we suggest you have here:

  • Bug spray – as beautiful as it is – you’re still in the African bushveld. Make sure you have a good bug spray!
  •  A universal plug – To charge your camera and cell phone batteries between drives.

We at Jewel of Africa Safaris hope this has been helpful to you and look forward to personally welcoming you to one of our luxury African safaris or tailor made sight-seeing package tours. Contact us to find out more and make sure you’ve brought along your eight packing essentials for a luxury African safari!


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