A Guided Group Tour Can Make For A Really Great Vacation!

Many international tourists when travelling to far off, exciting destinations feel a little more comfortable when travelling in a group. They feel that being in a foreign country can be a bit daunting, even if you’re with an expert tour guide.  Single travellers especially, tend to prefer to go with the crowd. Well if you choose to travel in this way, you should not let those who say it isn’t personalised enough put you off at all, because there is a lot to be said for guided group tours and this article looks at a handful of good reasons why a guided group tour can make for a really great vacation!

It Can Be Intimate

Group tours vary from tour operator to operator – Some cater for huge bus loads of people all vying for window space …and the toilet …at stops that don’t really cater for crowds. Well thankfully there are also some very personalised luxury guided tours with good operators like Jewel of Africa Safaris, that make even group tours small and very personal. The group size ranges from 6 to 10 – so it’s intimate and comfortable.

It Is More Affordable

Although Jewel of Africa Safaris’ guided group tours are far more luxurious than standard ones, you will definitely save money and the more people in the group, the less it costs per person. This is one of the main reasons people are happy to travel with others. Obviously in all things that matter, the individual’s privacy is respected.

It Is More Fun

A travelling group become like a family, sharing their past experiences and joining together as like-minded individuals with a passion for travel. You can have more fun in a group and meet people from other countries and backgrounds too. For the singles – who knows? –many a romance has been spawned on vacation and a luxury African safari can be one of the most romantic experiences on the planet!

It is Great For Planning, But Still Flexible

Because you are travelling as a group on a package tour, your arrival and departure times are set, enabling you to plan properly in advance. There are obvious advantages to this, but don’t think that it restricts you too much. Jewel of Africa Safaris pride themselves on their flexibility and so ‘add on’ activities can be added whilst on tour – like a trip for 2 nights to Victoria Falls, where you can have a romantic getaway with your spouse – or that new romantic interest you just met on the group tour! 

You Still Get All The Important Benefits

Travelling as a group does not exclude you from enjoying access to Jewel of Africa’s 3 main pillars of service excellence – 1) Personalised attention to detail, 2) Safety and 3) Tailor-made packages. You are all still treated as important individuals and we go the extra mile to please you. We ensure everyone’s safety and can customise your package for you to extend your experience as you wish.

Contact us now for all the information and booking assistance you need – and come and find out why a guided group tour can make for a really great vacation!


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