5-Star Service and Hospitality Plus the Big 5 in Abundance!

Much has been written and spoken about Africa’s ‘Big 5’. They are the five species of animals that are deemed to be the prize sightings when on safari – Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Buffalo and the usually very elusive Leopard. It is said that if you haven’t seen them all you haven’t completed your safari experience and so as an avid wildlife enthusiast you will keep travelling on safari until you have. This is not so easy for international travellers journeying to Africa for what may be just a ‘once in a lifetime’ safari experience …and in fact, unless you are at the right place to do it, the prized ‘Big 5’ sighting experience may well elude you.

Many travellers want to go on a luxury safari, but they are not keen to be part of a large crowd and want to enjoy personalised service, first class travel and luxurious accommodation …a ‘5 star’ African safari experience as it were, but can you combine this with the assurance of seeing all of the ‘Big 5?’ Well, thanks to a brilliant luxury safari experience devised by one of South Africa’s preferred tour operators, ‘Jewel of Africa’ ….you can certainly experience 5-star service and hospitality and the Big 5 in abundance!

Here is one of our itineraries that combines all of this in one luxury package:

The 7 Day Sabi Sand And Timbavati Luxury Safari Experience

The Sabi Sand and Timbavati Game Reserves are two of the top 5 wildlife destinations on the African continent and they offer amazing game viewing opportunities, pretty much guaranteeing you ‘Big 5’ sightings.

The Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve is one of South Africa’s premium safari reserves offering the ultimate safari experience in the Greater Kruger National Park. With no fences between the reserve and the Kruger National Park, all species of wildlife, including the Big 5 move through here freely.

Leopards are very elusive in most game viewing areas and usually the main reason even frequent safari enthusiasts may be deprived of the ‘Big 5’ viewing prize. Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve however has the highest concentration of leopard in Africa.

The exclusive Timbavati Private Game Reserve lies in the western region of the Kruger National Park, north of the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. The large tracts of land that make up the Timbavati Game Reserve remain largely unspoiled and wild. This reserve is renowned for the population of white lions that roam this area. These genetically rare specimens are not albino lions but are listed as a sub-species of lion. Here you can also hope to see elephant, cheetah, lion, buffalo, rhino, wild dog, over 360 bird species, 79 reptiles and over 80 species of tree.

Thus, by visiting these two reserves you will get to experience the best game viewing of any region in Southern Africa.

As for the luxury? …Well, 5-star luxury and personal attention is exactly what the lodges that you will stay at offers as well as Jewel of Africa Safaris themselves – and their attention to detail makes it even more special. Here you will be spoiled by high levels of service and hospitality and all meals and drinks are included. Most lodges even offer a wellness spa for luxurious leisure time between safari outings.

This tour is easily accessed by road or a short 50-minute flight from Johannesburg. From here one can fly to Cape Town and other fabulous holiday destinations in Southern Africa where the same kind of ‘5-star’ luxury guided tours are offered by Jewel of Africa.

If you would like to go where 5-star service and hospitality as well as the Big 5 are abundant, contact us today to learn more. We will be assist with your booking and you can begin to experience the personal attention, safety and flexibility that will ensure your African safari is always unique and special!


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