What Makes A Jewel Of Africa Guided Tour Or Safari To South Africa Unique & Special?

You have read or at least heard much about Africa …and probably know that South Africa is one of its preferred destinations, with its first world atmosphere, but still unspoilt by its natural tourist attractions. This is no ordinary place, it is wildly different from any other you will experience in the world …but what makes it so? …and what are the specific factors that make a Jewel of Africa guided tour or safari to South Africa unique & special?

Africa itself is unique and special – with spectacular and breathtaking scenery in its mountainous regions, superb sunsets and sunrises, where game drive vehicles prowl at dawn and dusk to catch a glimpse of the next wonder of the animal kingdom. And a unique animal kingdom it is, offering exciting, spectacular sightings and photographic opportunities. A Jewel of Africa related blog speaks of ‘The Big 5’ – Africa’s royalty and rulers of the bushveld. Lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and the mighty elephant – just to watch them is to experience something unique and special. Their habits, their quirky behaviour, their devotion to the herd or the pride …and the sad loneliness of the lone bulls or patriarch cats that have been expelled from the herd or pride – it is beautiful and savage, mysterious and as bold and ‘in your face’ as you could ever want any unique experience to be.

Cape Town, with majestic world wonder ‘Table Mountain,’ sprawling cities and its magnificent ‘winelands’ …beautiful beaches that stretch further than the eye can see, and Cape point where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans collide in a swirling cauldron that sends massive waves dashing against sheer rock faces. What is not unique about this special place? All strike a chord; stir the emotions and work together to create this ‘unique and special’ experience.

But what makes a journey to this place unique and special from a traveller’s point of view? What are the people like? How are you treated …is an African safari or guided tour an uncomfortable, difficult experience …as wild as the bushveld itself?

No – quite the opposite – A Jewel of Africa luxury safari or guided tour, offers not only personal attention, safety and flexibility, their 3 pillars of tour operator excellence, but first class travel, accommodation and treatment all the way. Just a few features of JOA hospitality are:

  • A private guide and driver that meets you at the airport
  • He/she knows where you’re going to – less stress and worry for you!
  • Personal attention to your needs is not just an empty promise. It is guaranteed!
  • Safe & reliable transport – You travel first class all the way!
  • Highly qualified and trained guides
  • Your personal guide is a source of quality information and facts – and he/she is with you all the way!
  • Tours are absolutely flexible – you can go off the beaten track and guides can show and tell you about the best of South Africa and its destinations
  • Guides can provide you with in-depth information – everything you need to get around, transact and be sublimely comfortable on every leg of the journey.
  • Guides can show you the ‘jewels’ of South Africa – These are many and varied, beautiful game parks, sight-seeing areas and vibrant cities.

One of these ‘Jewels’ of South Africa, is its preferred tour operator ‘Jewel of Africa’. If you believe that we can make your guided tour or safari to South Africa unique and special, please contact us to learn more and begin to create a tailor-made package to suit your needs, as you embark on what we believe will be a truly unforgettable holiday!


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