Five Great Reasons Why A Luxury African Safari Makes The Perfect Honeymoon

You have begun a new life together and believe that your honeymoon needs to be as unique and special as your relationship is. What could be more unique than a luxury African safari? …and take it from us there is nothing more romantic or special. In this article we give you 5 great reasons why a luxury African safari makes the perfect honeymoon…


Love and beauty go hand in hand …what woman doesn’t like to be surrounded by beauty? On this honeymoon trip there is spectacular scenery everywhere you go. There is little more romantic than the beautiful vistas and spectacular sights you will experience on the way to your safari, or with an associated scenic package like Cape Town or the Panorama route. The beauty to behold in the veld on the game drive itself, when viewing Africa’s wild game and bird life is special and endearing.


The thrill of the hunt as predators stalk their prey and the tension you experience as you get ‘up close and personal’ with the world’s largest land mammals, Elephant and Rhinos, just a few feet away from you …these are way better than taking your loved one to a horror movie, for getting really close and sharing special moments. Snuggling up together under the blankets as you set off for an early morning drive on a crisp clear African morning in a luxury four wheeler drive vehicle, is more romantic than you could ever imagine!


On a luxury African safari, the thrill of the drive is offset by indulging in sheer luxury from luxurious travel in all vehicles and sumptuous accommodation that includes five star rooms or tented camps, all air-conditioned, very romantic and set in one of the worlds most beautiful and idealistic places.

Cosy campfires

The crackle of the cosy bush fire as it sends sparks shooting up to a night sky where the stars are so bright that the whole milky-way can clearly be seen in all its glory. This is the magic of beautiful African evenings as you relax after the game drive or site seeing tour. Sumptuous food and wines delight the taste buds, as the sensuality and vivid colours of a tribal dance soothe the soul and set the scene for another amorous evening.

Personal attention  

The personal attention shown by Jewel of Africa safaris to honeymooners has no equal anywhere. We tend to every reasonable request and go out of our way to create a honeymoon package designed to meet your specific requirements. Great attention to detail and all those special romantic touches ensure this special vacation is as unique and idyllic as you would want it to be. If these 5 great reasons why a luxury African safari makes the perfect honeymoon have convinced you, then contact us for further information and to partner with us to ensure your honeymoon is the perfect foundation for a wonderful life together!


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