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Here at Jewel of Africa Safaris, we host a range of safaris and tours with something for every taste – from South Africa to Botswana and beyond. We are one of the best African Safari Tour Operators who offers from lower budget ‘bucket-list ‘options, to dream luxury African safaris, we have them all. Start your tour with us online right now – Below you will find various links to enable you to start searching for your dream African journey - from fun family African Safaris, to wildly romantic African Honeymoon Safaris, to luxurious safaris and more.

All our best African safaris or African tours for families give you a chance to escape the rat-race. Leave the hustle and bustle of daily city life behind as you embrace a change of scenery that is unique and unparalleled. Enjoy our guided tours at a relaxed pace, taking time to savour every moment and capture timeless memories.

Most people have only ever seen African wildlife on TV, but to see them (many are actually endangered species) ‘up close and personal’ via a guided safari tour is a truly breathtaking experience. Be enthralled by sightings of these gorgeous creatures as they roam freely in the wilds. As the African Eagle soars above you and Lions stalk their prey – you watch mesmerised, from the safety and comfort of a 4x4 safari vehicle, operated by a dedicated, knowledgeable professional. There is truly no better way to capture a rare glimpse of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, their raw beauty and savagery are unrivalled by any other travel experience. We are one of the best African Safari Tour Operators in South Africa.

Your dependable, experienced tour operator will seamlessly manage the logistical side of things, leaving you free to focus on awe-inspiring sights and photo opportunities, on the best African safari of your life. With Jewel of Africa’s professional safari guides and game rangers, you are always in safe hands on our guided safari tours.

You need never fear getting lost in South Africa or being in danger. Our African Safaris for families are also a fantastic way to meet the local population and get to know fellow travellers. Most importantly, even when embarking on a budget safari, you contribute to the support of nature conservation and wildlife rehabilitation across the African continent. Experience some of the best African adventures and guided safari tours available, while making a difference to our treasured wildlife, by booking your next trip today.

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