Mashatu Game Reserve – Botswana. The Land Of Giants, Predators And Wildlife Adventure Just Across The Border!

Botswana really is an amazing place to visit. A thriving country producing valuable diamonds, and from the high-powered business hub of Gaborone, to the incredibly unspoilt getaways in its many wildlife preservation areas, it is, without a doubt, a land of great contrasts.

It offers a smorgasbord of things to do and see, like vibrant cities, cultural villages, places of historic interest, top level accommodation and wildlife galore! Host to the famous Okavango Delta waterways and the Chobe National park, it also has one of Africa’s best kept secrets – the Mashatu Private Game Reserve!

Many international tourists have never even heard of it, but this is one of Africa’s finest game preservation areas and the locals know it as the ‘land of the Giants’ because of the massive Baobab trees littered throughout its landscape and its impressive elephant population!

Where is Mashatu Game Reserve?

Mashatu is located within the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in Botswana right at its North-Eastern edge, where it borders with South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The reserve is located just across the border from South Africa. Direct road travel to Mashatu is not a problem, as Botswana and South Africa have excellent road networks. Direct daily charter flights are available from Johannesburg to Polokwane and onwards to the reserve.

A Wildlife Photographer’s Dream Come True…

Mashatu Game Reserve is famous for wildlife photography and a mecca for serious wildlife photographers. This is essentially because it is different, with a different kind of landscape. Being an unfenced reserve, the feeling of wilderness is immediate, yet it is the openness of the terrain, coupled with the relaxed animals, that make it such an excellent photographic destination.

Whereas many other reserves have long grass and thick bush, Mashatu often has lions and leopard sightings in clear openings, making for great photo opportunities! Mashatu is a semi-arid area which means animals are attracted to water in the dry season from June to October, making the professional photographic ‘hides’ that Mashatu have created in front of waterholes, an excellent location to allow animals to come to you!

What’s Special And Different About Mashatu Game Reserve?

Incredible Wildlife – The combination of large predator sightings, the most relaxed elephant population in Africa and the very large assortment of over 350 bird species, makes Mashatu the destination of choice for game viewing. Having a breeding herd of elephant come right up to your vehicle and surround you completely is quite an amazing – and quite scary, sensation. Safety is always a first concern though, with top professional tour guides and game rangers, so one has nothing to fear.

Adventure Safari Activities – Mashatu is different though, in that they offer a lot of extra adventure-focused activities, knowing that not everyone wants to spend all their time in the 4 x 4 vehicles viewing game. Mashatu’s substantial elephant population has created a myriad of elephant trails that criss-cross Mashatu as the large mammals move between feeding grounds and water. These trails, mostly a meter wide, are traversed almost daily by the herds of elephant and it is on these trails that Mashatu’s adventure safaris take place.

So, they also offer:

Photographic Underground Hides – PhotoMashatu has pioneered the concept for photography in southern Africa, of an exclusive concession to provide dedicated photographic hides within Mashatu Game Reserve. Guests can sit quietly and watch animals moving directly towards them, all the while taking pictures from unique angles, resulting in exclusive and exceptional quality photography.

Photographic hides are structures built at a waterhole to maximize the photographic potential of the animal subjects that visit them. These hides can be used to view wildlife in the normal manner but have been positioned with consideration of the angle of the sun, the background, and the angle the viewer occupies in relation to the animals and birds. A professional wildlife photographer will accompany participants to the hides. They are close at hand to tutor aspiring and experienced photographers in camera work techniques, which will enhance the quality of their images.

Mashatu offers guests access to two hides, Valley Elephant Hide and Matebole Elephant Hide.

Guided Walking Safaris – A great chance to combine exercise and a focus on the smaller and no less interesting creatures of Mashatu, often missed when out in a vehicle on safari. Walkers are fascinated by the little, interesting aspects of the bush like tracks, plants, insects, etc.

Mountain Bike Safaris – Adventure lovers can take a mountain bike safari in the company of an armed and experienced guide. On a bike, the cyclists are, in effect, conducting their own safari and get to enjoy the reserve and its inhabitants from a completely different perspective.

Horse Safaris  ‘Limpopo horse safaris’ on Mashatu is recognised as having the best specially trained ‘safari horses’ in Africa. It is a thrill to feel these majestic animals transport you as you view the animals of the wilds! NB: This is an advanced ride for experienced equestrians only and children under 12 are not permitted.

We hope this has whet your appetite to head to Botswana to experience the Mashatu magic. The ‘land of Giants’ awaits you and we at Jewel of Africa can arrange tailor made packages to suit your pocket, availability and choice of destinations. For example, a visit to Botswana can be combined with a trip to the famous Mala-Mala reserve in Sabi Sands and the iconic Kruger National Park.

What a feast of incredible game viewing that would be!  Contact us – anything is possible. Africa awaits you – let us make it and unforgettable experience!


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