Botswana – Our Top Destination For 2018

There are many great destinations on the continent of Africa. For international tourists, it can be difficult to decide which country to visit specifically, unless they have the time and money to see many in one trip. We at, Jewel of Africa Safaris have packages to many of Southern Africa’s best destinations, but this article tells of one place, not as internationally well known as Cape Town or the Victoria Falls perhaps, but one that offers a wealth of wonderful vacation experiences – it is Botswana – our top destination for 2018.

So, what makes this country so special? Well Botswana is a peaceful country in Southern Africa, surrounded by land and sharing its borders with South Africa in the south and east, Namibia in the north and west, Zimbabwe in the northeast and Zambia in the north. It is therefore a central travel destination, but it is Africa’s best kept tourist destination secret because there are just so many great destinations within its borders. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park, one of the largest Parks in Botswana is situated in north-east Botswana on the banks of the Chobe River. Due to Chobe National Park’s location close to some of the Africa’s most visited natural attractions, this is an ideal safari destination. The Park is biologically diverse and boasts with the highest concentration of elephants in the world. The wildlife and scenery can be enjoyed during game drives, bush walks and boat cruises which are on offer at all lodges and hotels.

The Park is especially famous for the massive volume of wildlife that roam the riverbanks and wetlands of this large conservation area. 

 The Chobe National Park is further divided into smaller conservation areas, i.e. the Savuti and Linyanti concessions. Savuti is famous for its predators, especially its resident lion and spotted hyena populations. The game-viewing can be exceptional, and the wide variety of activities make this an area not be missed. Savuti’s almost desert-like landscape with a scorching sun, loose, hot sand, animals escaping the heat by clumping together in the limited available shade, and elephants lining up to get to the water supply, offer a wildlife experience you won’t easily forget. Linyanti hosts large herds of buffalo, zebra and elephant. 

Our favourite lodge is set on the banks of the Chobe River – the elegant, five-star, fully Ecotourism-certified safari lodge, Chobe Game Lodge. You can immerse yourself in an all-inclusive safari both on land and water in this primary wildlife destination, as you explore the diversity of the park.  Land based safaris are conducted in open top 4×4 vehicles and water borne safaris by boats. This is sure to bring you within meters of the wildlife and renders the perfect opportunity for stunning photo safaris.

However, if you want to venture further into the Park, we can arrange accommodation at Savute Safari Lodge. 

The Okavango Delta

A maze of sparkling lagoons, meandering channels and overgrown islands teeming with wildlife, Botswana’s Okavango Delta lies like a sparkling jewel at the heart of the Kalahari Desert. Known as “the river that never finds the sea”, crystal clear channels spread over the thirst lands of the Kalahari with their papyrus-fringed banks and fertile floating islands. Adapted for a life in and out of water, the elegant red lechwe and shy sitatunga antelope are found in this watery wilderness. Lion, cheetah, leopard and African wild dog share the floodplains with large herds of elephant and buffalo.

Within the Okavango Delta you will find the renowned Moremi Game Reserve to be found in the eastern section of the Okavango Delta –  an excellent safari destination. The Reserve is one of the most spectacular wildlife conservancies in Botswana, where an abundance of wildlife moves around freely. The unique landscape features a unique mix of dry ecosystems as well as wetlands. Among the roamers of the bush are the Big Five, but this is also a hotspot for a profusion of unique bird species.

Our favourite lodge is Camp Moremi, situated on the edge of the Xakanaxa Lagoon in the Moremi Game Reserve, an area well known for its spectacular game-viewing opportunities. 

The Okavango Delta is famous for its Mokoro excursions – these are customized ‘canoes’ that are used to effortlessly glide on the never-ending channels and lagoons of the Delta. Your guide will steer you as you sit back and relax and watch the world float by. You may even be lucky enough to spot great wildlife close to you!

A Few Special Features 

All the destinations within Botswana are easily accessible with direct flights from major cities in South Africa. Charter flights can be arranged for transfers between lodges. It is also excellent birding territory and other great stopovers are the Makgadikgadi Pans and the Central Kalahari.

If you are now as convinced as we at Jewel of Africa Safaris are that Botswana – our top destination for 2018 is really worth a visit, remember we have excellent packages that include many of these special features, but more importantly we are flexible enough to create any specialised tour to Botswana or many other Southern African destinations in accordance with your budget, availability and preference. Book today to begin a lifetime of unforgettable, personalised travel experiences in Africa with us.


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