The Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. The Eden Of Africa Returns.

Bordering South Africa and Zimbabwe, Mozambique in Africa has had a chequered and somewhat tumultuous past, particularly from a political point of view.

It is now very much recovered however and once again seen as a fabulous international tourist destination, particularly with its great beaches and coastal resorts. What is not so well known is that it plays host to a myriad of wildlife and a magnificent game reserve known as Gorongosa National Park.

Return To Eden

Once known as the ‘Eden of Africa,’ Gorongosa National Park is one of the finest in Africa and finally overcoming the ravages of civil war and mass poaching, it is returning now to its former glory. And what a glorious rebirth it has been after so many years of turmoil. This is currently one of the biggest and most exciting success stories of Mozambique!

Some History

Originally founded as a hunting reserve for Portuguese authorities in 1920, it became an official Game reserve when hunting was banned in 1960. It soon became one of the most popular too, as infrastructure and roads were developed to accommodate tourists.

The demise began during the Civil war from 1964 to 1974 when some poaching took place, but fortunately it was fairly strictly preserved even in these times. Heavy poaching came however, when a rebel army based itself there following independence and hunting to feed the soldiers became the order of the day.

By 1992, the park had been closed for tourism and the Elephant population had decreased from 6,000 to 300 and from 500 Lions – there were only 6 left!

Respite and Rescue 

Finally respite came in 1996 when proper protection was afforded the park with the help of donor funds and in 2004 a US-based organisation, the Carr Foundation, set up funding for the future development of Gorongosa and tourism facilities were re-developed.

Today with the translocation into the park of wildlife from other areas, the Gorongosa National Park, is reclaiming its place as one of the top safari destinations in Africa and the return to Eden has finally evolved!

What Does This Eden Offer?

Gorongosa is sometimes referred to as the “Serengeti of the South” and it’s no surprise as its famous floodplains are now teeming with majestic waterbuck. It’s still famous Lions now once again proudly rule the savannah and woodlands and thankfully once again huge herds of Elephant splash around in its waterholes, quenching their thirst or just taking a good bath!

They keep a wary eye as they wade though on Crocodiles and Hippos and the surrounding plains are dotted with herds of African antelope of every description.

There are plenty of significant smaller game too and the park has also seen the return of the endangered and always charismatic wild dogs. Mount Gorongosa, is an isolated mountain with some globally unique inhabitants, including the Mount Gorongosa Pygmy Chameleon!

Why Visit Gorongosa?

This is a place of great beauty with a fascinating array of wildlife and some terrain and creatures can only be seen here. Its difficult history and triumphant return to glory just makes it a special place to be.

Fine, but limited accommodation options are currently on offer, but new luxury lodges like the Royal Gorongosa (Royal Portfolio) are opening later in 2019, to cater for the growing luxury safari trade, as Gorongosa National Park’s reputation as one of Africa’s finest destinations continues to grow.

Mix and Match Gorongosa with The Magnificent Coast

Flexibility and personal attention have always been pillars of the Jewel of Africa’s service offering and through this we can arrange tailor made packages to various parts of Mozambique.

Contact us and let us arrange your unique journey to this ‘land of smiles,’ where you can combine a fun in the sun tropical island excursion, engaging in a horde of activities from scuba diving, snorkelling, water sports, fishing, sunbathing, swimming with dolphins etc.-  with the thrill of an African safari at the Eden of Africa – Gorongosa National Park!


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