Magnificent Kwazulu-Natal – Come Experience Its Splendour!

Cape Town and the iconic Kruger National Park may the favoured destinations of many who travel to South Africa, but there is another area that is rapidly becoming a favourite.

Durban, the colourful vibrant city that centres a long coastline of beautiful quaint coastal towns and villages along the Indian Ocean coastline, the world famous Drakensberg mountain range and some of the finest game preservation areas in Africa, all make up magnificent Kwa Zulu-Natal Come and experience its splendour! 

Year Long Summer

It is known as the ideal winter retreat in Southern Africa as this sunny, sometimes somewhat humid region, apart from in the mountains, seldom drops below comfortable temperatures. Many tourists from within South Africa flock to its shores in the winter months to enjoy this almost always temperate climate.

Its Scenic Splendour

For those families who like to experience drives in scenic areas, KwaZulu Natal offers some of the best in the World. From its coastal splendour, to its hillsides with lush plantations, to the magnificence of the Drakensberg ‘Amphitheatre.’ it is a place of great beauty and majesty.

Oceanic splendour

The coastline is a balmy, lush sub-tropical area stretching for miles along the warm Indian Ocean. Beautiful beaches, vibrant city life, the up-market Umhlanga rocks and Ballito to the North and the quaint South Coast towns of Margate, Port Shepstone, Leisure Bay and many more, wait to welcome you.  

The Dizzy Heights of The Drakensberg

The high jagged peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains are snow-topped in winter and offer serious climbers and paragliders wonderful extreme sport opportunities. The Drakensberg is also known as uKhahlamba (or ‘barrier of pointed spears’) in the isiZulu language.

Here, beautiful lodges with cosy fires nestled in forestry areas, also offer those who just want to chill great hikes and horseback riding trails.

Sublime Safari Experiences

To the north of KwaZulu-Natal lie the Big 5 wildlife areas of isiMangaliso Wetland Park, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Nature Reserve and Phinda Game Reserve. These are all magnificent African safari destinations where you will see the best wildlife that Africa has to offer.

Phinda is famous for exceptionally good sightings of Cheetah. Although you are less likely to see Leopard, all of these do offer the ‘Big 5’ with a good selection of antelope, Giraffe, Zebra and wildebeest as well. You are virtually guaranteed to see the now endangered and therefore slightly scarcer Rhino in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park!

In the IsiMangaliso Park, surrounded by Lake St Lucia, Lion and Elephant are rarely seen, but it has its own particular charms. It has excellent birdlife and scenic splendour not offered by the others. Lake St Lucia has the highest vegetated dunes in the world and there are vast expanses of open grassland alongside spectacular warm Indian Ocean beaches.

If you time your safari right, you can also witness the great turtle spectacle on the beaches of Lake St Lucia, where sea-turtles come to lay their eggs in the summer every year. This is an experience not to be missed!

Let Us Take You There

On land or on foot Jewel of Africa Safaris can build any of the offerings of this wonderland into packages tailor made to suit your pocket and schedule. Contact us and from day one and begin to experience the personal guidance and attention to detail that has made us the preferred African safari and guided tour operators in Southern Africa.

What are you waiting for? An unforgettable vacation experience awaits you in magnificent KwaZulu Natal – Come and experience its splendour! 


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