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About Us

“Can you imagine if that happened to us? Why couldn’t our tour operator treat us the same?”, Mike and Jane protested while enjoying dinner with their friends Rick and Suzanne. Suzanne kept on raving about way they were spoilt, the attention to detail, the unexpected “on-the-house” bottle of wine that magically appeared at dinnertime, or the flowers their Jewel of Africa Safaris guide quietly placed next to the ladies’ plates before they arrived for breakfast.

Our “About Us” page is actually all about yóú, what we can offer yóú, how we can help yóúr dreams come true. We have one simple purpose and that is to make your once-in-a-lifetime visit a truly exceptional, unforgettable trip. You will find your safari tour to be creative, fun, informative and a lot of laughing. You will first-hand experience why we walk the extra mile for you.

We are passionate to share Africa, this wonderful place we call home and it vibrates through the whole Jewel of Africa team! We believe that this is one of the qualities that set up apart as 75 % of our business comes through referrals and 25% is returning business. Our clients simply keep coming back.

Call us or email us and tell us about yourself and what you’re hoping for in your safari vacation. We will listen cautiously to what you desire and use our knowledge to design the perfect African safari tour for you. All of our previous guests have come to understand why South Africa is proclaimed as the most beautiful country in the world. It also received the honor of the best wildlife viewing place on planet earth. Africa is truly the birthplace of Humankind; it touches your heart and soul. Therefore, our slogan says:

You may leave Africa, but Africa will NEVER leave you!

Kobus de Jonge

CEO: Jewel of Africa Safaris


Unashamed luxury

Our excursions are conducted using luxury sedans, microbuses, and large luxury busses; a unique private railway company, Rovos Rail; Lear jets, twin-engine executive aircraft, and helicopters – flown by fully instrument rated professional pilots.


Special attention to even the minutest detail ensures that each journey is of the highest safety and quality. All vehicles are fully insured to carry international tourists.

Quality and Flexibility

Every journey can be tailor made for your convenience. The personalized nature of our itineraries ensures seven star service and flexibility.


A Jewel of Africa Safaris tour is more than just an adventure. It is a unique opportunity to experience Southern Africa’s nature and cultures. Many a friendship is built around a cozy campfire, listening to the guitar, laughter and singing, watching the star-studded skies, the Southern Cross and the beautiful Milky Way, the beautiful night sounds of the fiery night jar, lions and hyenas echoing through the night…


You have the option to book your own flight to South Africa, or you can make use of our own In-house travel agent who can quote you on your international flights to and from South- and Southern Africa, as well as domestic flights.

Tours on Offer

The itineraries featured here are merely a few examples of the kind of tours on offer, ranging from 1 to 3 day quick tours for the busy corporate traveler, Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Tanzanite and other shopping excursions, Wildlife Safaris and many more to choose from.

Up to 21 days unhurried guided or self-drive South African safaris and tours (and 30 days Southern African tours). Special interest tours like Boats, Planes & Trains, golf, and many more.


Business owners will tell you their most difficult obstacle is to find someone that can do the work as well as they do. Neil and I went to great lengths to find team members as infatuated about nature and as passionate about Africa as we are.

Our guides are hand selected, qualified, and professional. All our driver-tour guides are Satour & Theta accredited, medically cleared, hold Professional Driving Permits and are accredited First Aid practitioners. They have earned their “colors” through consistent intensive training and written examinations.

Kobus De Jonge

Kobus de Jonge

I headed up Jewel of Africa Safaris in 2001, but the company officially started operating in the spring of 2004 and ever since grew into a strong, reputable and professional tour company.

  • I am a registered National tour guide and authorized to operate in all South Africa’s Provinces.
  • I’m a sport fanatic – I love Golf, Skydive, Paragliding, Sport fanatic, 4×4 trips, Love animals, Adventurist & Outdoor life.
  • I love humor, laughter, playing the guitar around a campfire, listening to music.
  • My love for Beefsteak will never allow me to become a vegetarian!
  • I am obsessed with Africa and its wildlife.

The honor to qualify as Special Forces Support Medical Orderly in the South African Defense Force. The discipline to endure till the end, taught me that nothing is impossible and I could achieve anything in life!

Southern Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo & Tanzania. Internationally: France, Italy, Greece, Sicily, Turkey & Crete

A leopard stalked our car and ended up sitting right next to my window, looking me straight in the eye for more than 20 minutes, heart stopping, WOW!!!

The free roaming wildlife, sitting around a campfire and friendliness of the people!

Bring a camera with a lot of memory…and liquid hand sanitizer.

Neil De Jonge

Neil de Jonge

I joined Jewel of Africa Safaris in 2009. I finished my degree in tourism management at the North-West University in 2006 and started working as a tour guide for various companies. I also lived in Florida USA for one year before joining my dad at Jewel of Africa Safaris 

  • I am a registered National tour guide and authorized to operate in all South Africa’s Provinces.
  • I have a passion for nature and wildlife.
  • I also have a passion for people and I love to show them the hidden magic Africa.
  • Eat meat!!
  • The handsome one in the father and son team…

So Neil, does the sun also rise in the east in Africa….

Southern Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, . Internationally: United States

I saw a leopard jumping out of a Sausage tree onto an impala. This happened right in front of me along the Sabi river inside the Kruger National Park

There is something about Africa that one can’t explain. It feeds your soul and makes one hole again…

Expect the unexpected… Engage with the culture and embrace the relaxed atmosphere.

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